January 15, 2019


President Trump [yesterday] hosted the Clemson Tigers NCAA football championship team, and served them fast food in the Oval Office.

Trump really is a genius, because faster than you can say C. Everett Koop, a leftist was triggered. In this case it is David Roberts of Grist and Vox, who writes some really excellent energy articles on Vox, but suffers from an advanced case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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Two observations. First, did Roberts or anyone else on the left react so indignantly when Bill Clinton ate conspicuously at McDonald’s when he was a candidate and then president?  (And just why do you suppose he made such a public spectacle of eating Big Macs, eh? He wasn’t called “Bubba” for a deficient grasp of populism.)

Second, as a long-time McDonald’s stockholder, I’m happy with the twin dividends the Golden Arches provide me on a daily basis. It’s almost as good as owning Dow Chemical stock back in the good old days when they made napalm in large quantities.*

Heh. Not surprisingly, the Clemson players loved it, with offensive guard Matt Bockhorst tweeting, “I mean you’re not just gonna NOT eat the Big Macs stacked in a pile right?” And safety Nolan Turner adding, “One of the greatest buffet lines I’ve ever been through.”

Naturally, the DNC-MSM had the vapors in response. Whatever his myriad excesses, does Trump know how to play the left or what? Their meltdown over his serving a football team a stack of fast food hamburgers reminded me of Mark Steyn’s comments in his classic 2004 “Could Kerry slum it in the White House?” column in the London Telegraph, when John Kerry and John Edwards posed at the Newburgh, NY Wendy’s, but in reality served Ben Affleck and the DNC-MSM reporters on their bus food catered by the Newburgh Yacht Club:

During their triumphant 1939 tour of Canada, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth took a brief detour south of the border to visit the Roosevelts at Hyde Park. It was the first time a reigning monarch had set foot on American soil and, to mark the occasion, President and Mrs Roosevelt introduced the royal couple to a local delicacy called “hot dogs”.

There’s an important lesson there: an American president, even one as wealthy as FDR, is obligated to share the tastes of the people in a way that the House of Windsor is not, even today. Try to imagine the roles reversed: the Roosevelts at Windsor, and the King serving up jellied eels and mushy peas.

And that’s the problem with John Kerry: it’s not that he’s rich, but that he’s rich in a very un-American way. His swank has a European air about it.

When he eats a hot dog, it appears as foreign to him as it did to George VI.

Even though his regal lifestyle is funded by the enduring popularity of his wife’s hot dog condiment.

Twitchy notes that the Washington Post is swinging into “Zapruder-like analysis from The Post’s Philip Bump of all of the wire photos to determine just how many hamburgers were served at the event…Even worse?  Bump fact-checked when Trump said, the burgers were ‘piled up a mile high’…Because what else could a Washington Post reporter be doing with his time?

Democracy dies in double-beef cheeseburgers.

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