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Freedom Was on the White House Menu for Clemson's National Championship Football Team

Notwithstanding a federal government shutdown, President Donald Trump rolled out the red carpet for Clemson's National Championship football team at the White House tonight. Clemson won their national title exactly a week ago.

And freedom was on the menu, with Trump personally paying for a catered meal of American fast food, including Wendy's, McDonald's, Burger King, and Domino's Pizza — all laid out in the State Dining Room.

President Trump hinted at the potential National Championship menu at the press corps rope line earlier today:

Trump was true to his word:

The fast-food menu proved to be a big hit with the Clemson players, especially offensive guard Matt Bockhorst:

Not all past National Championship teams have received such a White House welcome:

The Clemson team kept themselves entertained while they waited for President Trump:

The president seemed pretty pleased with his menu selection:

Predictably, some in the media were not enthused.

Erin Burnett at CNN expressed her displeasure:

Others feigned concern for the diet of the football team:

The ladies at The Cut were especially offended:

And the usual suspects had to vent their spleens just because it involved Trump:

But even some in the media were inspired:

And someone had to call out the elephant in the room (relax, folks, it's sarcasm):

Despite our political differences, I'm sure that most Americans are happy to see their National Champions receiving a full serving of freedom: