February 27, 2016

THE COMING ANTI-TRUMP ONSLAUGHT: “This will all be in the tradition of the early Democratic ad campaigns that successfully kneecapped Republican nominees in 1996 and 2012 (Bob Dole and Mitt Romney, respectively). Trump’s negatives are already sky-high with the general public (60 percent), and a Democratic campaign to disqualify him would seek to make his unfavorable rating not merely alarming, but completely radioactive. How will Trump fare against such ads? Maybe he will prove impervious to all such criticism, and counterpunch effectively. Or maybe he will wilt under the assault. Who knows? But Democrats will sure as hell find out.”

On the one hand, it will be lots of fun to watch Trump push back, as he switches into full Bane “Crashing the plane – WITH NO SURVIVORS!!” mode in response. But this will also allow Hillary to position herself as the cool, collected and sane moderate and easily contrast herself with a flailing Trump.

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More: Marco Rubio Launches TrumpSlams.com, Slams ‘Biased’ Media for Covering Up Trump’s Liberal Past.

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