May 20, 2013

WELL, FIRST THEY CAME FOR FILMMAKER NAKOULA, AND THE A.P. DIDN’T DO ANYTHING: Shredding the Constitution: Obama’s attack on the media. “The president hasn’t attempted to distance himself from the Associated Press snooping campaign. To the contrary, he offered ‘no apologies.’ To be blunt, he approves the most invasive breach of the First Amendment against any news organization in the history of the republic. No president has tried this and for good reason. We now have yet another media abuse story, in a way much more severe. The Post breaks the story that the Obama administration indulged in excruciatingly invasive spying on James Rosen of Fox News and, in an unprecedented move, asserted that his newsgathering is criminal.”

I, on the other hand, was ahead of the curve on this kind of stuff. See my 2009 Wall Street Journal piece, Media Criticism, Chicago Style.

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