October 1, 2012

WOULD THAT IT WERE TRUE: NYT: Conservatives Are Taking Over the Media:

The leaps in logic are enough to make one’s head spin. So apparently, even though all the broadcast networks, CNN and MSNBC, NPR, and every other newspaper with a large circulation is controlled by people who are liberal, there is a “growing hegemony” of conservatives in the media? How does that work out exactly? In David Carr’s world, one cable network, an editorial page and a handful of talk radio shows completely overwhelm the audience and influence of the vast majority of the American media apparatus.

And they’re taking over the industry at record pace — or at least the amount space they occupy rent free in Carr’s brain. Last year, he was telling Bill Maher that conservative Americans were merely “the dance of the low-sloping foreheads,” and could therefore safely be ignored by his fellow elites at the NYT and Time-Warner-CNN-HBO, which produces Maher’s show. Today, in Carr’s mind, they’re running the entire journalism industry. If only the economy really was producing jobs at that speed!

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