November 3, 2011

ATTENTION #OCCUPY MOVEMENT: “It turns out that the rich actually got poorer under President Bush, and the income gap has been climbing under Obama. What’s more, the biggest increase in income inequality over the past three decades took place when Democrat Bill Clinton was in the White House.”

UPDATE: Poll: Voters Viewing Occupy Wall Street Unfavorably. “The poll, released today, show 30 percent of voters surveyed view the movement favorably, 39 percent unfavorably, with an additional 30 percent not hearing enough to have an opinion.” To be fair, they’re not polling that much worse than Obama. And they’re way more popular than Congress. But then again, they’re just crapping on a few police cars and public parks, not the whole country . . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: Occupy Oakland seizes port, launches homemade bombs at police. Plus, low-expectations: “Before the building takeover shortly before midnight Wednesday, Quan said she was happy the crowd — which police estimate hit 7,000 people at one point — protested all day with only a small amount of destruction and violence.”

Plus, a truck driver on the scene comments on the victims of the port shutdown:

“These people are out here trying to make a living. I get paid per run, I don’t get paid by the hour,” he said. “My personal opinion? The 1 percent down here is protesting, the 99 percent is down here working.”

Non-workers putting workers out of work in the name of workers. That’s how it usually works. On the other hand, my sympathy for Oakland longshoremen is limited.

MORE: Occupy protests go from peace to “chaos.”

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