REWIND: FBI Shuts Down Russian Spy Ring for Getting Too Cozy with Hillary Clinton

With the Democratic Party set to officially anoint Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week, and with accusations of Republican candidate Donald Trump's supposed close associations with Russia, it is worth noting that Clinton has her Russia issues as well.

In March 2009 (the early days of Clinton's tenure as secretary of State), in Clinton's first meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, she presented him with a "reset" button said to be emblematic of the Obama administration's new openness to Russia after the Bush administration.

Sadly, for Clinton, the word printed on the "reset" button was "peregruzka" ["overcharged"] rather than “perezagruzka” ["reset"].

That is not the only occasion that Clinton has got "lost in translation" with Russia.

Just yesterday the Clinton campaign blamed Russia for the hack on damaging internal DNC emails released by WikiLeaks this past Friday that revealed a cozy relationship between the DNC and Clinton during the Democratic primaries.

So it is a bit embarrassing that two years ago today, Clinton bragged in an interview with NPR that the Russia "reset" worked:

And yet even the pro-Hillary shills at the Washington Post have admitted that Clinton's Russia "reset failed.

Other cozy relationships tied to Russia have previously caused Clinton headaches.