The Stretch Lab

I am in California and noticed an interesting business near where I am staying called The Stretch Lab. You can go in for 20, 30 or 40 minutes and be stretched by a “flexologist” to help with your flexibility, posture and just general well being. I went twice this week and it was awesome. It’s actually a neat idea for those people who don’t really want a full round of physical therapy but want something more than a massage. Here is some info from the site:


Getting in a good daily workout is important, but stretching before and after you exercise is just, if not more, important. “Stretching is to extend any part of the body to its full length, making the muscle longer and wider without tears or breaks,” Tim says. There are several reasons stretching is important. “It increases your flexibility, improves your performance, decreases risk of injury and increases the blood flow to your muscles,”

Steve emphasizes that another important piece of stretching is flexibility. “Flexibility decreases excessive tension on muscles and relieves stress from joints. It also corrects muscle imbalances, which helps to improve your overall fitness and helps decrease risk of injury.”

Stretching can help you perform better in your workout, sports and everyday life. It improves muscle strength and increases your agility as well as speed, which can help you in your everyday activities. Keeping up a consistent daily stretch can prevent both small and serious future injuries. Even if you do not workout regularly you will still see great benefits from StretchLab’s assisted stretching.

Stretching your muscles as often as possible is the most effective way to improve your flexibility. And one-on-one assisted stretching will give you a much better, deeper stretch that feels great as you do it. Depending on your preference and your workout regimen, you can do it before or after your workout—or any time in between.


I walked away after two sessions in much better shape and more pain-free than I have felt in a long time. I wish we had a place like this in my neck of the woods.



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