Wheelchair-Bound Florida Girl Beaten by Bullies

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Seriously, what is wrong with kids these days?

A video has surfaced online showing a young girl in a wheelchair at the Orlando-area Conway Middle School being pulled out and thrown around by a much bigger girl, while others film it, laughing. 


Trending News posted the footage a couple of days ago, but reader be warned: It is extremely disturbing and heartbreaking to watch:

What makes it worse is that this poor kid has reportedly been subject to bullying for weeks by these girls, and her parents were never informed.

As the Daily Mail reported, the 12-year-old victim has a rare spinal condition called chondrodysplasia punctata that has required six surgeries since she was five. Most children with this condition do not live beyond the age of ten.

Just when you think it could not get worse, neither of the girls' parents were informed by school staff of this savage attack. They only found out through Instagram when the videos depicting the violence were posted online, and apparently, there were more.


According to the victim's mother, Myisha Hall, when she asked about the attacks, her daughter said, "Mom, they do this to me all the time." 

"It hurts me because I didn't know my daughter was going through this," the mother said. "She should feel safe and be protected and not afraid to tell people."

What on earth is motivating kids to not only behave more violently but actively post it on social media like it's an accomplishment?

Local news station WFTV consulted C. Dwight Bain, who suggested, "Remember, a 12-year-old brain is a 12-year-old brain. They don’t really understand consequences so that drive – that dopamine hit of 'I want to be famous, all those Likes, all the people around the country, millions of millions of people say that I’m great,' instead of 'there’s consequences.'"

Sure, kids can be cruel, but this was just utter malevolence.

It seems as though kids these days are either not being taught the value of human life, or they are not being taught very well.

Earlier this week I wrote about a 16-year-old kid in New York City who was charged with shoving an old lady down the stairs outside her church to steal her wallet and car, leaving her in critical condition.


What made it worse was that Jayvaun Prince, the thief in question, had apparently been arrested nine previous times, twice for assault.

Near the end of March, a girl named Maurnice DeClue was caught on video getting into a fight with another girl named Kaylee Gain, during which she slammed Gain's head against the concrete at least three times, hard enough to leave her unconscious for about two weeks (on a much brighter note, Gain has since regained consciousness and is walking on her own again, although she is still recovering cognitively).

Incidents like these just push me harder to make sure I am a good father to my future kids.


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