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Harry Reid to Retire in 2016


Ed Morrissey does not mince words:

The worst part of the next eighteen months or so will be the valedictions offered to Reid for his service. By any objective measure, Reid has been a blight on the Senate and on Congress. He declared the Iraq war “lost” while Americans were still fighting there, and he derailed a budget process that had worked well before his ascent into leadership. He stripped the Senate of one of its debate functions after sabotaging the amendment process, [See nuclear Harry above — Ed] and nearly destroyed regular order. On top of that, Reid used his post to commit McCarthyite character assassination of Mitt Romney, claiming to have inside knowledge that Romney hadn’t paid taxes in ten years, a smear that turned out to be utterly false. He has been a malevolent force for years in American politics, and nothing he did in Washington will improve the place as much as his leaving it.

Goodbye, Harry, and good riddance.

Amen. Joe Cunningham of Red State has some fun with the soon to-be-former senator “recently-turned-blues-musician…Seriously. Those sunglasses. You can catch Reid in a Vegas piano bar working for tips after his retirement:”

The really interesting thing here is that Reid is a representative of the Democratic Party politicians as a whole right now: older, white, male, and if they aren’t rich when they get into office, they get rich through questionable means. What happens next determines the party’s success in the next couple of years. Do they seek younger representation, and maybe some more diversity? Or do they stick to the wealthy, white folks who suffer so much white guilt that they are completely fixated on diversity issues instead of good governance?

Moe Lane adds, “Nevada just shot up the rankings on the Big Board: and if Governor Brian Sandoval decides to run for Senate, it pretty much goes off of the Big Board completely.” And as Glenn Reynolds notes, given Reid and his fellow Democrats’ craven love of pure fascistic power for its own sake, “It doesn’t suggest huge enthusiasm for 2016.”


Wow. I wonder if we’ll ever know the real story on how his “exercise equipment” rearranged his face?

And just as a reminder, as CNN reported, prior to his nomination in 2008, Reid referred to Barack Obama, his then fellow Democrat senator as “a light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,'” and later in 2008 had equally kind words for the voters at large:

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