Ed Driscoll

NBC's Andrea Mitchell: Obama’s Terror Summit ‘A Dog And Pony Show’

“The White House’s Summit on ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ may be on day two, but some left-of-center personalities think the ongoing response from the Obama administration is nothing more than a charade,” Al Weaver writes at the Daily Caller:

On her Wednesday show, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell called the White House’s summit on terrorism “a dog and pony show” due to the lack of high level officials from foreign nations.

“Here he has the summit, no heads of government coming, the participation has not been at a particularly high level. We’ll have foreign ministers, we’ll be speaking to the Egyptian foreign minister shortly, who will be participating,” Mitchell said. “But there hasn’t been a whole lot of support from Europe or the Middle East at a very high level for what the president is setting out here.”

“It seems to be more of a dog and pony show,” Mitchell added.

Nom, nom, nom! Given Mitchell’s role as a leading Democrat operative with a byline, I’m rather surprised to see her using that phrase, given its unfortunate association with her boss.