CNN: Bullying is Totally Awesome!

At least if it’s the daughter of Emmanuel Goldstein being bullied:

Enter CNN anchor Carol Costello.

“I never wanted to become the poster child for anything, let alone domestic violence. But my blood is boiling, so when I say shut up, I’m venting at all those people out there who insist on blaming the victim,” Costello wrote with righteous fury directed at the National Football League (and the morning show Fox & Friends) over what she considered an insufficient level of concern for an incident involving Ray Rice striking his fiancé.

Costello goes on to reveal that she, too, was the victim of what sounds like a horrible assault by her college boyfriend. It was a brave thing for her to admit, and it made her commentary on the lax treatment Rice received from the NFL that much more powerful. But this admission also branded her take on the Palin assault as one which is inexplicably hypocritical.

“Sit back and enjoy!” Costello exclaimed as she introduced her audience recently to the audio in which Bristol Palin recounts how she was attacked. “You’ll want to hear what she told cops about how it all started.”

Costello also confided in her audience that she had a “favorite part” of the audio which could later become courtroom evidence. Ghoulish.


Just as a reminder, in early 2011, when the left couldn’t directly pin the shooting of Democrat Senator Gabrielle Giffords directly on Sarah Palin and her clip art, they instead focused on language in general, to the point where CNN’s John King apologized on the air for a guest committing thoughtcrime via his utterly innocuous language:

On Tuesday’s John King USA, CNN’s John King issued a prompt on-air apology minutes after a guest on his program used the term “crosshairs” during a segment: “We’re trying to get away from using that kind of language” (audio available here). This action stands in stark contrast to an incident over a year earlier where former anchor Rick Sanchez took four days to apologize for using a unconfirmed quote attributed to Rush Limbaugh.

This, despite the fact that for decades, CNN featured a show called Crossfire, and resumed the venerable brandname last year until the show was recently cancelled.

Later in 2011, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper would obsess on the topic of “bullying” as a theme, producing show after show on the topic — this despite Cooper himself has no problem bullying those whose ideology he disagrees with.

Now we know — as if we needed any further confirmation — that those were all lies by CNN. If the wrong words can cause viewers to commit the most vile acts, and if bullying is a social evil, the’s no reason for this segment to have aired.


Saul Alinsky advised his fellow Democrats, including those with bylines, to “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” But other than noting that “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag,” he apparently never advised his acolytes when to let a target go. Which is why, six years after the election of 2008, Sarah Palin still lives rent free in the heads of the entire MSM as the alien other, who can be demonized at will. And despite the media’s boss declaring, in Goldfather-esque language that the family members of politicians are “civilians,” that hands-off policy apparently doesn’t apply to the MSM’s coverage of the Palin family.

Glenn Reynolds has a modest proposal for viewers to punch back twice as hard:

Obviously Costello should be fired for her misogyny and approval of violence against women. Perhaps if people are angry about this, they might call their local airport authority and demand that it take off the nonstop CNN monitors. Nobody likes it, and it’s probably CNN’s main viewership these days. . .

In the meantime, to put it another way, “To hell with you people” in the MSM.

Update: Cheat and retreat — Costello issues a statement apologizing for her actions, but won’t issue an apology on the air. Which is a reminder that no one at Time-Warner-CNN-HBO, including CNN president Jeff Zucker thinks she did anything wrong in the first place.


And now back to discussing how totally and cool groovy abortions are.


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