Ed Driscoll

The Nanny Who Stole Christmas

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“Mayor Visits Home on Christmas Eve, Orders Family to Remove Lights,” becomes Reason’s latest Nanny of the Month — during a period in which a North Jersey mayor faced some tough competition:


Never mind that plenty of foodies say “the law is confusing, ineffective, bad for the environment and can compromise a final dish,” California is now forcing chefs and bartenders to wear single-use gloves or utensils when handling food like sushi and fresh fruit.

And how about Chicago? The city has decided to ban vaping in public (for the children!), thus potentially making it a little tougher for smokers to ditch cancer sticks.

But this month the nation’s biggest buttinksy is the New Jersey mayor who showed up at at a home on Christmas Eve and ordered the family to remove decorations because one neighbor deemed them offensive.

As the late  Kenneth Minogue warned in 2010, “We must face up to the grim fact that the rulers we elect are losing patience with us.” Reason’s Nanny of the Month videos are a continuing reminder just how little patience our public servants have left for their employers.

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