Ed Driscoll

'Why Does Organizing For Action Hate the Mentally Challenged?'


In their four years of covering Tea Party-related rallies and protests, the MSM has made their policy abundantly clear: when it comes to political protests, the one crazy outlier in whatever random mass of thousands of people show up at a particular event, the one nutter who carries the sign comparing Mr. Obama to Hitler, or waves the Confederate Flag, or openly brandishes a firearm, represents the views of the entire group. (And don’t even get them started on those protesters who think that Mr. Obama is a Keynesian…)

That’s even more true in a smaller protest, such as this DC dud yesterday astroturfed by the president’s Organizing for America group:


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Jim Treacher, the author of the above headlines writes that “An OFA spokesman has asked the Daily Caller to change this headline. Duly noted.”

Heh, indeed:™

A statement from OFA: “We neither support nor approve of the inappropriate language used in a sign on the mall today. OFA believes that John Boehner should stand up to the extreme wing in his party, pay their bills and end this now.” Whereas I believe that Obama could end this shutdown with the stroke of a pen. Only one of us is right, and it ain’t the flack for King Barry the First. Also, see Rules for Radicals #4, #5, #8, and #13. Not nearly as much fun when they get turned around on you, huh?)

But to answer Jim’s query, why does OFA hate the mentally challenged? Because they take their cue of what is acceptable rhetoric from their boss:

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