Ed Driscoll

Report: Hundreds Killed in Syria Chemicals Weapons Attacks

NBC reports “The U.N. Security Council is to hold an emergency session Wednesday over reports from Syria’s opposition that hundreds of civilians — including many women and children — have been killed in chemical weapons attacks.” Knowing the UN is on the case is ever-so-reassuring, isn’t it?

Activists and rebel fighters accused Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces of firing chemical-tipped weapons into rebel-held areas near the capital, Damascus, in the early hours.

The Obama administration “strongly condemned” the reported use of the weapons which, if confirmed, would be by far the worst known use of poison gas during the country’s deadly civil war.

The White House called for Assad to allow an immediate and transparent U.N. investigation of the incident.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday that a U.N. team is on the ground in Syria to conduct the investigation and acknowledged that the United States does not have independent confirmation that chemical weapons were used.

“We are hopeful that the Assad regime will follow through on what they have claimed previously, that they are interested in a credible investigation that gets to the bottom of reports that chemical weapons have been used,” Earnest said.

Note that this isn’t the first report this year of poison gas being used in Syria, leading to the obvious question of where those chemical weapons might have come from. But yes, the photos the London Daily Mail are running today certainly have that Pallywood look to them, meaning this could be a false flag operation.

I’m sure the UN will get to the bottom of it all…

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Update: “Arab Spring: Worst soap ever,” writes Ann Coulter today.

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