Ed Driscoll

CBS: Police Have Video of Suspect Placing Bombs

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“CBS News is reporting that CCTV vision has shown a man carrying backpacks in the vicinity of trash cans within the finish line precinct,” as spotted at Gateway Pundit.

And note these two photos, which, as Dan Riehl notes, appears to be one of the bombs, before and after the explosion.

Update: Fox’s Atlanta affiliate has dramatic, and what they’re claiming to be exclusive close-up photos of “what is left of the first deadly device that exploded at the Boston Marathon,” an IED built around a repurposed pressure cooker.

“Boston Bombs Seem Familiar,” the Wall Street Journal adds:

The materials believed to have been used in the bombs closely match those that Naser Jason Abdo, a young Texas soldier, had amassed before he was charged by the FBI in Texas in 2011 with plotting to attack fellow soldiers.

An FBI expert testified at his trial that it would have taken about 30 minutes to build a bomb using materials Mr. Abdo had gathered—including a pressure cooker, gunpowder, clocks and electrical tape—by following instructions in an al Qaeda magazine found in his backpack.

Mr. Abdo was convicted and is serving life in prison.

In the foiled Times Square bombing of 2010, authorities said one of the three devices would-be bomber Faisal Shahzad had assembled was a pressure cooker containing more than 100 firecrackers.

“Some of the deadliest weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan—improvised explosive devices, or IEDs—are heading to U.S. shores, warns a top general,” Eli Lake wrote last year in the Daily Beast.

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