Ed Driscoll

The Americans Are Gone

Actually, I really am sure that it’s just a coincidence that these two stories appeared on the same day. But they make for a fun juxtaposition, nonetheless:

For the first time in 69 years, there are no American tanks in Europe. On March 18th the United States shipped home 22 M-1 tanks, bringing to an end seven decades of American armor in Europe.

— Lede of the Strategy Page article titled, “The Americans Are Gone.”

Helmut Kohl: I acted like a dictator to bring in the euro

Helmut Kohl, Germany’s former chancellor, has admitted that he acted like a “dictator” to bring in the single currency to the country, otherwise he “would have lost” had he held a referendum.

Headline and dek of this London Telegraph article.

(Sheesh — Robert Harris, call your office.)

Maybe Sheldon, too:

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