Ed Driscoll

'It's Religion. You're Not Thinking Rationally'

“Great Question for a Liberal: What are Your Limits?”, from the Rush Limbaugh Show today:

CALLER:  You know, one of the things that I always wonder about with these reporters a little bit is if they’re maybe a little bit fearful.  I mean, every once in a while you see, you know, Jake Tapper raise his head or one of those guys, and they dare to ask a question or something comes up and they kind of get put back in their place.  I always wonder if these guys see a little bit of the monster that they’ve helped to create, certainly.  And, you know, one of the questions I always ask my liberal friends is, you know, what their limit is.

You know, we kind of always push the envelope always to the left, you know, the issue of gay marriage, multiple marriage. You had the pedophilia justification a few weeks ago. The issue of confiscating people’s 401(k)s.  I like to ask my liberal friends, “What are your limits?”  Because you’ll reach those limits eventually, and that becomes the mainstream of liberal think at that point, and then, once you resist it then you in fact become the enemy, and that’s what I wonder a little bit with these reporters, every once in a while, you know, questioning the Great One.

RUSH:  What do your liberal friends tell you when you ask them about their limits?

CALLER:  You know what?  Most of the time they really try to avoid the question —

RUSH:  Yeah, because there aren’t any.

CALLER:  That’s right.

RUSH:  Because they’re never happy with what they get.  They always want more.  They’re never satisfied with it.

CALLER:  No, because what it comes down to for me is, once I reach that conclusion with them and they don’t answer the question, I look them in the eye and I say to them, “Then it’s religion for you, that’s what it is, it’s religion. You’re not thinking rationally.”

Indeed, to coin an Insta-phrase.

Speaking of which, as the Professor writes in USA Today, “Americans are losing trust in government:”

Last week, I noted that Americans are losing confidence in their government: According to a new Pew poll, more than half see it as a threat to their freedom. That’s a troubling number. But why have things gotten so bad?

Well, perhaps it’s because government actually has become a bigger threat to freedom. There’s plenty of support for that notion, given that we’re seeing everything from TSA scanners, to widespread surveillance, to drone strikes on American citizens. Add to that the creepy sound of “Homeland Security,” and now talk of gun control or even gun confiscation, and it’s easy to see why lots of people, with lots of different political views, might come to see the government as a threat.

Read the whole thing.™

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