Ed Driscoll

With DNC in Mind, City Bans Carrying Urine, Feces

CBS: “Decline In Printed Newspaper Leads To Puppy Poop Problems For San Francisco Animal Control:”

San Francisco’s animal control agency is relying on donated newspapers to solve pooping puppies problem.

It seems digital newspaper subscriptions and smartphones have cut the once abundant supplies of old newspapers.

Animal Care & Control has been relying on public contributions and San Francisco Chronicle (http://bit.ly/XLirUN) donations* to line the cages of shelter puppies needing potty training.

Now, the San Francisco Public Library is donating old newspapers to make sure the shelter has a consistent paper stream.

By the way, how’s that plastic bag ban working out?

* Which seems fair, as the Chronicle long ago ceded the idea of actually selling newspapers.

(Headline via James Taranto, by way of the Rocky Mountain News.)