Ed Driscoll

White House Silently Concurs with Tina Brown: 'Obama Doesn't Like His Job'

You know it’s Bizarro World in DC — OK, even more so than it usually is — when Tina Brown starts making sense:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Tina, what has happened to this president, the president from hope and change?  What has happened?

TINA BROWN: Well it’s so interesting. I think that Obama doesn’t like his job, actually. I think that he is genuinely of a professioral disposition in the sense that I think that he’s interested in chewing over the pros and cons, and he doesn’t like, he doesn’t like power and he doesn’t know how to exercise power. And I think knowing how to exercise power is absolutely crucial.  He doesn’t understand how to underpin his ideas with the political gritty, granular business of getting it done. And that kind of gap has just widened and widened and widened. And so that every time there is a moment, a window where he can jump in, like something like a Simpson-Bowles as well, he just doesn’t do it. He hangs back at crucial moments when you have to dive through that window.

SCARBOROUGH: And regardless of your ideology, it is very safe to say, I think most people would agree: LBJ he is not, Bill Clinton, he is not, when it just comes to understanding how to make Washington work.

MIKE BARNICLE: It appears off of what Tina just said, you just said, it appears that you could make a case that Barack Obama doesn’t like politics.   

BROWN: Right. I absolutely feel that.

And since in the past, the White House thought nothing of emailing the Scarborough show, and the hosts would read the White House’s correction on the air

[flashvideo file=http://pjmedia.com/media/video/wh_emails_MNBC_during_show_10-09.flv image=http://pjmedia.com/eddriscoll/files/2009/12/white-house-Emails-MSNBC-10-09-title-card-2.jpg /]

…we can safely assume that President Obama — or at least his staffers — concur with their opinion.

At least tacitly.

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