Ed Driscoll

GE: Two Companies In One

At MSNBC, co-owned by GE, the anchors routinely berate conservatives and Tea Party members for wanting to see taxes cut to stimulate the economy.

Meanwhile, in the corporate offices of GE’s (Obama-crony) bosses, as Ace notes, “Gigantic US Corporation With Extensive Ties To Greedy Corporatist Republicans Obama And The Democrats Paid ZERO In Taxes Last Year.”

At the end of last year, Andrea Mitchell asked Republican Senator Judd Gregg, how he justifies a tax cut for those who don’t need it.

Presumably she’ll be asking her bosses similar questions in 3…2…1…

And just to continue this leftwing corporatist misadventure, as Doug Ross recently noted, “Crony Capitalism Digest: General Electric to Purchase Immense Fleet of Chevy Volts That Aren’t Marketable in the Real World.”

And thus we arrive at the very definition of Blair’s Law.