Nanny State Politicians Need to Master the Basics First

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg has been infamous for nearly a decade as the micromanaging leader of Manhattan’s Nanny State, banning smoking, transfats, and being more obsessed with bike paths than even Howard Dean.


But you would think that a guy that obsessed with big government could at least get the basics right:

He defended his decision not to declare a snow emergency, saying “that would have made the situation worse,” by forcing motorists to move parked cars from major streets.  While about 1,000 stuck vehicles have been removed from just three major expressways, the mayor said that some 40 city ambulances and just under 300 buses remain marooned in the snow.

Two days after slamming the tri-state, millions continue to dig out from a storm that shut down area airports, crippled commuter train and subway service and stranded thousands traveling during the holiday weekend.

The sixth largest snowstorm in the history of New York City dumped two feet of snow and left many, especially those living in the outer boroughs and small suburban side streets, feeling trapped or ignored as city resources went to dig out Manhattan.

“I’m furious at Mayor Bloomberg, he’s a rich man, so he doesn’t care about the little people,” said New Enrico’s Car Service livery driver Julio Carpio, speaking in Spanish. “I have to work, why aren’t people out there plowing? Why does the mayor always go on TV the night before to say, ‘We’re all set with a fleet of salt trucks,’? and then you never see a single truck. They always abandon Queens.”


On Twitter, Jim Geraghty joked, “I guess NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg hates to see a lot of salt on food and roads.”

But he wouldn’t be the first “progressive” mayor with such a concern — as it always does, real-life has once again outrun satire.

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