'You Would Think That They Would Be Saying Thank You'

Lori Ziganto links to the latest video by Ben Howe, the brother of veteran Red State blogger Caleb Howe. Lori writes that with their latest video, the two “hits it out of the park yet again.” Click here to watch:


[youtube Aj-MpP5n3uE]

Lori writes that the last line spoken by President Obama of the video is key:

“You would think they’d be saying Thank You.” In President Obama’s mind, not only should we be saying “thank you”, but we should be adding in “Please, sir, may I have another” as we beg the Democrats  to feed us crappy bowls of leftist policy porridge. I also love the video’s credits, which hopefully predict that President Obama and the current crop of Democrats are the ones who will be left without a chance for seconds, as the “beginning of the end” arrives in November.

“As Sarah Palin might say, let the refudiation begin,” Lori adds.


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