Ed Driscoll

American News from 1773 Still Confuses British Ruling Class

As the Daily Mail noted on September 2nd, “BBC Director General Mark Thompson has admitted the corporation was guilty of a ‘massive’ Left-wing bias in the past:”

The TV chief also admitted there had been a ’struggle’ to achieve impartiality and that staff were ‘ mystified’ by the early years of Margaret Thatcher’s government. [See also: Epistemic Closure — Ed]

But he claimed there was now ‘much less overt tribalism’ among the current crop of young journalists, and said in recent times the corporation was a ‘broader church’.

He claimed there was now an ‘honourable tradition of journalists from the right’ working for the corporation.

You keep flucking that chicken, old sport! “The BBC completely fails to understand the Tea Party movement,” the Telegraph reports today. Which isn’t too surprising: over 235 years since the first one, and the British still can’t figure out what the fuss is all about when it comes to American Tea Parties, it seems.

Much more from Dan Karipides at the Wizbang blog, including this:

I’ve actually had discussions about systems of government where people suggest that “benevolent dictator” falls above “democracy” in desirability. I couldn’t disagree more strongly. Benevolent dictators are like parents for a society–deciding on things because the society is too immature or otherwise incapable of deciding for themselves. I don’t ever want to give up that right. Not to a single individual. Not to a centralized government.

But they’re so Hollywood!

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