Ed Driscoll

'Good Things Come To Those Who Wake'

That’s the McDonald’s slogan I see on local billboards, and while it seems like a reasonable tautology, it does have its limitations. For example, it seems reasonable not to expect Chicken McNuggets at your local McDonald’s drive-through before they’re done serving breakfast. But if by chance you ask for them, and the clerk tells you they’re not being served yet, try to accept this earth-shattering tragedy more graciously than this customer:

[youtube SPWsBwDDupg]

No word yet if this young lady will be going into business with the enterprising and equally laid-back steward from JetBlue.

(One exceedingly minor advantage to having a Democratic president in office during poor economic times? The legacy media is less likely to tie these stories together to cliched “are these signs of anger boiling in the heartland” op-eds. See also: 1992.)

Related: Allahpundit tweets, “Can the story about the berserk Jet Blue flight attendant get any more sensational? Why, yes.”

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