Ed Driscoll

Rahm: 'Take Your F***ing Tampon Out'

Hot on the heels of a teabagging President Obama, Ryan McCarthy of the Huffington Post has further quotes from the new book that seeks to capture all the nuanced civility of the modern Democratic Party:

The leaked portions of Newsweek scribe Jonathan Alter’s “The Promise,” which details President Obama’s first year in office and is due out in May 18, continue to surface. And Alter’s got more profanity-laced details of tense backroom meetings.

At the Washington Independent Aaron Weiner highlights another F-bomb festival, this time from a September 2008 meeting that included House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank (D – Mass.), Obama, John McCain, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and President Bush.

Frank was apparently incensed at Paulson’s attempt to stop Democrats from criticizing the huge plan to bailout the financial sector — in fact, it was Republicans who balked, Weiner observes. Here’s Frank’s blowup at Paulson:

Barney Frank muscled his way past Harry Reid and started yelling. “F– you, Hank! F– you! Blow up this deal? We didn’t blow up this deal! Your guys blew up the deal! You better tell [GOP Rep. Spencer] Bacchus and the rest of them to get their s– together!”

Earlier leaks of the book have included some embarrassing portrayals of White House adviser Rahm Emanuel. New York magazine had some choice bits about Rahm’s anger at Bo, the Obama’s family dog (“I’m going to kill that f***ing dog,” and his yelling to a male staffer: “Take your f***ing tampon out and tell me what you have to say.”

That Fake Macho Complex that’s an endemic compensatory mechanism of the Nanny Party make Rahm and Barney sound almost as angry and bitter as Alter himself under stress.

Earlier: “Interior Secretary Ken Salazar who said administration officials would keep their ‘boot on the throat’ of [British Petroleum] to make sure the company does all it can and more to address the problems caused by its uncontrolled ocean gusher.”