"Four Years Is Enough, Huh?"

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“The president’s tax shift is a gamble not unlike the one the first President Bush took in 1990 when he dropped his ‘no new taxes’ promise to reach a deficit-reduction deal with Congressional Democrats.”


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Update: “Read His Lips: Middle-Class Taxes!” Or as Michelle Malkin writes, “Don’t believe anything that passes his lips.”

Update: Related thoughts from Victor Davis Hanson, who writes, “The Truth Is a Precious Commodity:”

At some point — I think it was around mid-January — the public collectively shrugged and concluded of Obama, “I don’t trust anything that this guy says.” And when that happens in American politics, it is almost impossible to restore any modicum of credibility. All we are left with now is three more years of the president’s “Bush did it” mantra and a buffoonish Robert Gibbs, like some strutting carnival barker, showing off ink on his palm to a bored press corps.

Jim Geraghty posits, “Maybe Reporters Should Bring YouTube Clips to Obama Interviews”, given the number of The Won’s promises that have reached, as Jim would say, their expiration dates.

But that raises another issue: come November of 2010 and 2012, the public will have their own set of YouTube clips. And they’ll also have links and quotes from newspaper and magazine Website archives, of journalists who assured their readers that the candidate that pundit class feverishly supported would be the second coming of Lincoln, FDR, JFK and Gandhi all rolled into one.


Those same readers that journalists would then start insulting four months into 2009, to compound the problem. Steve Green cautions political junkies to watch out for whiplash between now and November — but I would imagine the cases inside the editorial bullpens of most newspapers, and the make-up rooms in the news departments of CNNABCCBSNBCPBSMSNBC must be even more severe.

If they had any shame, of course.


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