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A League of Her Own

The gaffetastic Martha Coakley steps up to the plate — and strikes out hard:

[youtube OmNpcMHwOa8]

I don’t follow baseball (there’s a reason why the only sports category on the blog is titled “Run To Daylight”), but Hugh Hewitt’s Generalissimo Duane Patterson certainly does, and as he writes, watching the gaffes continue to mount, “You Have To Wonder If Martha Coakley Even Wants The Senate Job:”

If she does want the job, you’d think she’d go at least one day during her last week of campaigning without making a colossal gaffe. By now, virtually everyone interested in this race has heard Ms. Coakley claim on radio in Massachusetts, a state rich in Irish Catholic heritage, that Catholics probably shouldn’t work in ER’s because their religious beliefs conflict with abortion law.

Today, she followed up that gem with another appearance on the Nightside program, hosted by Dan Rea.

Let me not mince words here. I detest the Red Sox. I am an Angels fan with a deep-seated dislike for the team from Boston. But I know exactly who Curt Schilling is, what an incredible pitcher he was, and what he meant to the Red Sox in 2004 when they made the most improbable run in the playoffs to win the World Series and remove the jinx of Babe Ruth for all time. I’ve been to Cooperstown and have seen the bloody sock enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Martha Coakley clearly has no idea who she is trying to represent. I’m sure if asked who Tom Brady is, she’d guess he was the youngest son on the Brady Bunch. Do you think if Bobby Orr came up and introduced himself to her, she’d ask for his support and the support of the rest of the Pittsburgh Penguins? Would she accuse Larry Bird of being a Lakers fan if she caught him speaking to Scott Brown in broad daylight?

www.brownforussenate.com, America. Don’t reward ignorance. Get in touch with the campaign and ask how you can help make phone calls to get out the vote for Scott Brown this Tuesday.

Elsewhere, Jim Geraghty looks at the poll numbers and en toto, likes what he sees. On the other hand, as Stephen Kruiser joked on Fox’s Red Eye show in the wee-wee hours, “This election is still within the margin of ACORN.” *

(But then, isn’t every election?)

So to end a mostly baseball-oriented post with a football analogy, with the Two-Minute Warning having sounded, what will be the left’s mid-winter version of an October surprise come Monday morning?

Update: “A Coakley spokesman said the candidacy comment was a ‘very, very deadpan’ joke.”

Nice variation on the increasingly shopworn “botched joke” defense.

* Update: Not to mention SEIU.

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