She Has A Nose For News

And a mindset trapped in the legacy media that employs her:

Yesterday, tea partiers gathered in Troy, Michigan. (If any state needs a bit of the lower-taxes and less government spending old-time-religion…it is Michigan.) This time, their protest was focused on the Big Media itself, specifically the local NBC headquarters. Anyway, a camerawoman from Big Media NBC didn’t seem to appreciate that just about anyone can now chronicle events with video.


[youtube 43zRWZztTUk]

Incidentally, as James Lileks once wrote, “Here’s a pivotal moment in American culture: the moment Sonny Crockett no longer smoked Luckies.” That was almost 25 years ago; didn’t this fellow NBC employee get the memo?

Update: “That’s okay NBC, we don’t listen to you either.”


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