Ed Driscoll

Glenn Beck May Sue

I tend to associate the phrase, “See, I Told You So” with Rush rather than Nikki, but that’s just me. The Rhetorican writes:

Hate to sound like Nikki Finke, but “Told ya!” (Sort of, anyway.  I exaggerate).

Should be interesting to watch (not to mention fun) as the issue at the heart of the case is a novel one: can a mere domain name be defamatory?

You can call it satire all you want, but that’s not how it works.  There’s a fine line.  Causes of action are often on the other side of a fine line, if not always.  People should think about that more frequently…

Beyond what’s discussed in the post that the Rhetorican links to, I don’t know who is behind the above-mentioned slur, but something tells me Fox’s legal coffers are very likely a tad deeper — and Beck would love nothing more than to win this and announce it on air.

Sort of like this recent minor victory (at least of sorts.)