Ed Driscoll

Here's Your Debt; What's Your Hurry?

“Unseemly haste, thy name is Obama,” Roger Kimball writes:

What’s the hurry? “I need $800 billion and I need it now, today.” Thus President Obama (summa dixit) shortly after taking office last winter. Maybe it’s all part of what Governor Mitch Daniels has called the Obama administration’s “shock and awe statism”: startle the punters with outrageous demands. Then tell them you want them met immediately, toot sweet, eftsoons and right speedily. “Don’t bother reading the bill, just give me the money.” It really was a breathtaking performance. He almost got away with it.

Almost. Sure, he got the dough. But the rumble you’ve been hearing in the background are doubts congregating. Any real stimulus does–what? It stimulates. And what has the President’s “stimulus” (really, a spending) package given us (apart from higher taxes coming to a paycheck near you, I mean)? Take your time . . .

In the interim, Dennis Prager believes, “Americans Are Beginning to Understand the Left”:

There is only one good thing about the Obama administration’s attempts to nationalize most health care and to begin to control Americans’ energy consumption through cap-and-trade: clarity about the left. These attempts are enabling more and more Americans to understand the thinking and therefore the danger of the left.

The left has its first president — with the possible exception of Franklin Delano Roosevelt — and for the first time controls the Democratic Party and both houses of Congress. In the name of compassion for the sick and the poor and in the name of preventing worldwide environmental catastrophe, it is attempting to remake America.

Read on for Dennis’ list, then pick-up a copy of the playbook if you haven’t already.

Update: Related thoughts from Hugh Hewitt, who’s back at his Hugh’s News gig at PJTV after a visit to Kosovo.