Ed Driscoll

It's A Show About Nothing

In The Daily Beast, Nicole Wallace diagrams “Obama’s Seinfeld Doctrine”:

Remember that Seinfeld episode where George Costanza succeeds by doing the opposite of everything he would normally do? The Daily Beast’s Nicole Wallace thinks Obama and his staff might have watched a rerun recently—and borrowed George’s juvenile tactics in their relentless assault on President Bush. Obama’s strategy? Doing exactly the opposite of what Bush would do—and wait for global adulation.

Nicole’s not the first person to notice the Seinfeldian opposite theory in action when it comes to Obama and his staff, though. Check out this post from last August, and about 2:30 into this video from January:

Update: Welcome Insta-readers! Going through my archives after posting this, I came across this item from March of last year, when Gerard Vanderluen originally dubbed the Obama-Hillary race a Show About Nothing. The Opposite Theory though would only become apparent once Joe Biden left his familiar haunt at Katie’s Restaurant for Monk’s Cafe.