Ed Driscoll

Right To Laugh

Comedian, writer and cultural commentator Evan Sayet emails in:

My Friends (I borrowed that from John McCain since he’s not using it anymore.)

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) is the last Right to Laugh event of the George Bush era. Please try to join me and a great group of political (Republican) comedians as we skewer the media, the Demorats and, of course, the man who holds the “office of the President-Elect”).

This is one of the best line-ups yet, featuring the great Al Sonja Schmidt, with guest sets from Monty Hoffman and Eric Porvaznik (Mr. E. Pluribus), John Ziegler (KFI radio, “How Obama Won”) taking time out from answering his hatemail to emcee. I’ll be your host and headlienr.

As those of you who have attended before know, the night usually includes famous radio talk show hosts, best selling conservative authors, a few movie and TV stars — and that’s just the folks on the stage! We typically have even more in the crowd!

So…see you all tomorrow and, if you would, please pass on word to others.

Merry Christmas!


The event is at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood and begins tomorrow at 8:00 PM–if you’re in the area call 323-656-1336 for reservations.

Evan’s email is also a great excuse to repost this, which is a terrific summing up of How We Got Here, to borrow David Frum’s book title: