Ed Driscoll

Pray For Dean Barnett

Ed Morrissey writes that the great Soxblogger “is currently in the ICU with a terrible attack of his cystic fibrosis”–and could really use your prayers and good wishes:

So often in this business, we become friends with people whom we’ve never met face to face. That’s certainly true of Dean Barnett of the Weekly Standard. I’ve long admired his writing, and Dean has always been kind enough to request me as a guest whenever he guest hosts for Hugh Hewitt. He calls me his “crazy uncle”, a humorous reference to Jeremiah Wright.

My friend Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson tells me that Dean has had to be admitted to the hospital and is currently in the ICU with a terrible attack of his cystic fibrosis. I’d like to ask Hot Air readers for their prayers for my friend and his family. I know they will appreciate the support.

After exchanging numerous emails and a phone call or two, I finally met Dean at the first Blog World in November of 2007, and interviewed him there for last year’s Thanksgiving edition of PJM Political. The interview appears about 23 minutes into the show; we discussed his then-new pamphlet, whose gritty title is The Plucky Young Kid With The Fatal Disease: A Life With Cystic Fibrosis. Dean’s whole life has involved four decades worth of beating the odds; here’s hoping that this current episode is no exception.