Ed Driscoll

The Liberal Bletchley Park

And voila! A meme is born:

In a column for the Politico yesterday, Reason editor Michael Moynihan wrote the left had turned into a “a virtual Bletchley Park of racial cryptographers teasing out the sinister motives and subtexts of McCain’s campaign advertising.”

It was a funny line, but it to dismiss it as just hyperbole would be a big mistake. Responding to McCain’s “The One” ad, a Democratic consulting group put out a frightfully lengthy memo deconstructing it. This excerpt will give you the general thrust of it:

This is the use of religion at its very worst in politics because it is an attempt to subtly and perhaps even subconsciously play on some of the deepest fears of millions of evangelical Americans. From the title of the ad (that immediately reminds anyone familiar with the Left Behind series of the name of the false church set up by the anti-Christ) to the quotes (with no respect to context) and images that the McCain camp chose to use, which basically allude to every symbol of the anti-Christ possibole [sic] short of flashing 666 on the screen, this ad is an attempt to stir up already circulating falsehoods about Obama and add more fuel to the fire.

That’s right, after the racist charges didn’t stick and then their ridiculous Nazi accusations were ignored, there was only one other place they could go. Obama’s defenders are now accusing McCain of using his campaign ads to call Obama the anti-Christ. Marvel for a second at the absurdity of that. I have no idea what charge the liberal Bletchley Park could make to further discredit themselves, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Here’s an all-too-rare sign of racial sanity on the left, fortunately.

Update: Here’s a new project for the codebreakers to sink their mad deciphering skills into.