Ed Driscoll

Obama In The Sky, With Diamonds

Ever since the media’s infamous “DemocRATS” articles first ran in September during the 2000 campaign, usually the subliminal advertising paranoia begins to arrive late in the race, as with the Republican follow-up in October, 2004.

But as a helpful way to deflect attention from the New Yorker’s cartoon, ABC has discovered that theoretically it’s possible, that if you watch John McCain’s new, nearly eight minute long video attacking Obama’s Iraq War flipflops while you stand on your head, look cross-eyed, simultaneously chant passages from the Tibetan Book of the Dead and take hits from an Evian-cooled bong full of Acapulco Gold, it’s possible to see what looks like it might be the letters Al Qaeda, in one of the video’s 14,000 or so frames.

Abraham Zapruder could not be reached for comment.

And no word yet, if you play the anti-Obama ad backwards, if it spells out Paul Is Dead, Here’s To My Sweet Saul Alinsky, or Hillary Is The Antichrist.