Ed Driscoll

Wow, Maybe He Really Is The Manchurian Candidate!

Was Obama’s uncle part of the Russian brigade that liberated Auschwitz…or, far more likely, has Hillary just been out-Tuzla’ed by Obama (or his speech writers)?

And will Hillary, looking for a way to put her own recent gaffe behind her, take advantage of the opportunity she’s just been handed?

Update: Jim Geraghty writes:

If the MSM would either A) be more forgiving of Republican officials who they don’t like or B) be a little tougher on Democratic officials they do like, the world would be a better place. In this case, I don’t think Barack Obama is deliberately lying, or trying to pull a fast one. It sounds like a family “legend” in which the specific horrors of war witnessed by his uncle are mistaken as the years go by. It happens, and Obama only deserves the lightest of metaphorical slaps on the wrist for it. But it would help if his fans in the press actually paid attention to what he says.

Exactly. More at Hot Air.

More: Charles Johnson writes:

Jim Geraghty thinks Obama wasn