Top Ten Oscar Flops

The Oscar Igloo blog comes in from the cold to look at the top 10 Oscar flops:

Early hype can do wonders for small films with big aspirations like Little Miss Sunshine or Half Nelson but it can also be deadly for those big-budgeted, studio products made for awards attention in mind if they fail to live up to their massive buzz. The story of the Academy Awards is full of Oscar flops; films that generally sacrificed substance for (over-the-top) style and here’s our overview of the ten most shameful attempts at awards attention in recent memory:


It’s not mentioned by the above blog, but special consideration should be given to the “class” of 2005, which as John Scalzi wrote at the time:

Consider this: a nominee for Best Documentary — March of the Penguins — has made more money than any of the Best Picture nominees. I guarantee you that has never happened before, ever. When Hollywood’s best films can’t compete with chilled, aquatic birds, there’s something going on.

A trend which shows little sign of abating.


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