Columbia U: Nazis And Terrorists: Si! Klansmen: No

Kevin McCullough:

Columbia University–you know–the same school that only days ago was welcoming Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with open arms despite thousands of New Yorker’s objections, is now feigning indignation at a hangman’s noose found on the door of one of it’s African American professors in its Teacher’s College.

But here’s the million dollar dilema, how can a school pretend to be so offend by outright racism and ethnic prejudice, when they invite perhaps the most racist, anti-semitic person alive [and Ahmadinejad, too–Ed] to their campus and given him an uninterrupted microphone for more than 30 minutes?

Sure the noose carries with it a frightening symbol of ignorance that still occurs today, but how does inviting one of the world’s biggest terrorists to take the coveted stage send the message that you’re an instution that takes a stand against such ignorance?

Inquiring minds you know…


The danger of a multi-culti value system in which, as definitive 20th century primitive William Burroughs liked to say, “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”, is that somebody is very likely to take you up on the idea.


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