Ed Driscoll

The Life And Death Of America's Cities

Interesting discussions in the Blogosphere and beyond of the future–or lack thereof in some cases–of America’s most blighted cities. Follow the links at Andrea Harris’ Victory Soap for some thoughts on New Orleans during the second anniversary of Katrina. Elsewhere, Thomas Lifson, whom I enjoyed meeting at Blog*Fest*West last month, looks at “The Racial Engineering of San Francisco“. Finally, this is somewhat older than the Blogosphere posts above, but Steven Malanga’s recent look at the protracted blight of Newark, New Jersey is right at home with them.

When the New York Times can’t even admit that communism is killing the people of Cuba, it’s not going to be discussing why the last remaining holdouts of 1970s-era liberalism is impacting some of America’s worst areas. Fortunately, there’s a new media that will.

Update: More from Bob Owens.