Ed Driscoll

Explosion Reported Near Grand Central Terminal

NOTE (3/3/08): If you’re clicking in on March 3, 2008, you may be looking for this story, as the photo and story below concern an explosion from last July.

Bloomberg (the wire service, not the mayor) reports:

An explosion was reported near the intersection of Lexington Avenue and 41st Street near Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal, the New York City Police Department said.

There was an underground explosion of unknown origin, possibly a manhole or transformer, said Sergeant Reginald Watkins. Officers are en route and he no additional information at this time. Watkins didn’t have any information about a building collapse, deaths or injuries.

“Officials said it was not terrorism related”, according to AP.

More as it comes in.

Update: Here’s a CBS report:

Fire and emergency crews responded to the scene of a suspected steam explosion near Grand Central Station in Manhattan on Wednesday during the evening rush hour, officials said.

There were no initial reports of injuries, reports CBS station WCBS-TV in New York.

The New York Police Department said a steam pipe exploded, and it does not appear to be terrorism-related.

A large column of gray smoke poured from the vicinity of a building near Grand Central Terminal and the Chrysler Building, and the air near the site was filled with ash.

The explosion occurred at 43st Street and Lexington Avenue.

Thousands of commuters evacuated the train terminal, some at a run, after workers yelled for people to get out of the building.

Witnesses reported that their buildings shook.

Photo above via the San Jose Mercury News.

Update: Pajamas has addtional links, and notes that CNN has a live internet video stream covering the event. Meanwhile, Breitbart.tv has a CNN Headline News clip titled, “Hundreds of People Running Down Third Avenue”, which initially blames the explosion on a faulty transformer near the Chrysler Building. “It sounded like an earthquake”…”an enormous hole in the middle of the street”…”billowing smoke”.

Update: K-Lo writes, “A Lexington Aveneu-er who was there six years ago comments: ‘NYC people still remember