Who Are You?

Mary Katharine Ham puts it all into perspective:

You know, when you live in D.C. and among the blogs, it’s easy to forget you’re really weird– that not everyone knows that Andrew Sullivan’s dramatic shift from pro-war ideological conservative to strident war opponent based mostly on a single social-issue disagreement with the Bush administration may have lessened his credibility as a pundit.

Yep, you’re weird. I was working on a special project this week, one of the topics for which was, “Do Pundits Matter?” so I took to the mall to find out. Aside from getting, err, questioned about our filming several times by mall security, all went smoothly for Katie and me, and we met many nice folks who, oddly, have no preference for Eleanor Clift or Tony Blankley.

Yeah, I couldn’t figure it out either.


Wow, they don’t even know that the refs (read: the powers that be at The Atlantic) seem to have called the fight between the Ali and Frazier of punditry.


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