Kazakhstan Alone

Hey, you got conservative demography on my pop culture! Hey, you got pop culture on my conservative demography! Actually, it’s two, two, two great tastes in one! Or, actually, maybe three: Michael Graham, the author of the exceptional Redneck Nation combines Mark Steyn and Borat:


What Borat mocks is tolerance itself. Borat screams anti-Semitic rants or roams into a woman’s dining room with a baggie of his own feces, and the first reaction of the good, multicultural Americans around him is to find a way to accommodate, to understand, to (as one clueless woman in the film did) be fascinated by our cultural differences.

Watching Borat, we begin to wonder if there are any Americans who haven’t achieved total PC wussification. What we want is what Mark Steyn wants: for someone with the cultural confidence to stand up and say, “What the hell’s wrong with you, boy?” and throw Borat out on his ear. Three cheers for intolerance!

One day in the near future, some city council in San Francisco or Detroit will consider allowing sharia courts. Normal Americans who, alas, would never read a book like America Alone will glance at the nightly news and see earnest Muslims insisting that all women–not just Muslims– must cover their heads in public places. And these post-Borat Americans will laugh. “What is this, a put-on?” they’ll wonder.

The Islamists will be laughed out of the room. Western civilization will be saved. All because a couple of funny guys were willing to tell the truth.

Proving yet again that, in comedy, timing is everything.


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