Chicks In Fix Cry Hicks In Sticks

Ian Schwartz on the Dixie Chicks:

They insult their audience, insult the President, blame Free Republic, and still wonder why people don’t like them. Emily Robison chimed in and blamed–*gasp*–corporate America for ordering local music stations to stop playing their music. When will these dolts understand that they caused their own downfall? Not Christian “fundamentalist” Christians, not Free Republic, not corporate America.


So they want to consider themselves “transgressive”, and attack the same targets that everyone else in Hollywoodand the rest of show biz have attacked since Calvin Coolidge was president, and yet whine when they face a backlash?

This is an interesting new trend though: when entertainers were attacking President Reagan back in the 1980s, I don’t remember them slagging their audiences as well. Maybe because it’s not exactly the best way to build sympathy for your cause. And maybe because audiences didn’t have the tools to fight back then.

Just ask Mary Mapes.

Update: Mary Katharine Ham adds, “They’re so oppressed that they’re getting segments on primetime cable news shows! Man, it’s rough being silenced”.

Heh, indeedTM.


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