Ed Driscoll

Shrinking Bull

The Internet Movie Database writes that Martin Scorsese is the latest Hollywood filmmaker to jump on the Less-Is-More bandwagon:

Hoping to find greater creative freedom, Martin Scorsese says he plans to make several low-budget films. “When there are very big budgets, there is less risk that can be taken” by studios, Scorsese told a news conference at the Rome Film Festival. His last film, The Departed, cost $90 million to make. Although he praised Warner Bros. for being supportive — he acknowledged that he put the finishing touches on the film only a week before it opened — “I don’t know how much longer that can hold out.” He said his next film will be an adaptation of a Japanese novel, The Silence, a film, he noted, that he had been wanting to make for 15 years.

Hey, it’s like The Era of Big Cinema Is Over, or something.