Ed Driscoll

In Search Of The Highly Elusive Moral High Ground

Betsy Newmark writes:

There still are many people who regard the UN as some sort of moral arbiter of a nation’s behavior. Those who have paid attention to scandals such as the oil-for-food program or UN peacekeeping forces raping women and girls already know how little moral authority the institution has. Anyone who still thinks that there is some sort of higher ethical foundation at the United Nations will perhaps notice the bitter irony of having Ahmadinejad address the institution which he has played so skillfully while pursuing all the while the very goal that the UN supposedly has resolved Iran should not achieve.

Betsy adds, “I think the American people would be happy for the UN to leave, but few politicians would seriously support such a position. And that’s a shame.”


In related news, Tim Blair notes that International Committee of the Red Cross is also in search of the elusive–very elusive–“moral high ground“, which they hope to reach by removing at least one incriminating photograph of their “attacked” ambulances from their Website.