Ed Driscoll

The Associated Press Takes A Ba'ath

Saddam had a source within the Associated Press? After Eason Jordan’s “The News We Kept To Ourselves” admission, and Reuters’ cozy relationship with assorted freedom fighters terrorists, I’m not at all surprised.

Amongst numerous media other scandals, add to the list CBS’s RatherGate, ABC’s eagerness to be censored, Newsweek’s Koran in the Can fabrication, and of course, all of the New York Times’ woes, and you’ve got an Elite Media whose credibility across the board is crumbling. At this point, it seems safe to ask: how many of their attacks on the credibilty of the Blogosphere are simply cases of projection?

Update (9/10/06): Mark Tapscott has some thoughts:

So if Hussein had a credible source working for him within AP, was it a stringer in a Middle Eastern nation, an Iraqi “dissident” who had become a full-time employee or consultant to AP or a regular AP employee whose decades of agreement with the “Blame America First” school of foreign policy led to a decision to aid one of America’s enemies?

Is this individual still employed by AP? Has this individual gone on to work for another U.S. media organization like The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, etc.?

Everything AP reported about Iraq prior to and likely afterwards about everything connected with Hussein and Iraq is now subject to doubt as to its credibility. AP owes its customers in the news industry and its readers in the American public a complete explanation of what it will or already has done about the spy within its ranks.

Maybe CNN and Reuters can team up to investigate!