Ed Driscoll

Turn And Face The Strange

Sent to my inbox this morning:

On September 13, 2006, CIO Magazine and HP will present the next edition of Change Artists. Hosted by NetworkWorld’s John Gallant and broadcast live on the world-wide-web, Change Artists is a program that provides you with the unique opportunity to sit at the table with F500 executives as they discuss how changing technology impacts their business.

Don’t miss out! Click on the link below, and sign-up to watch the next episode featuring CEO Tom Glocer and CTO Roy Lowrance of Reuters; the world’s leading provider of financial market data, and operator of the well known Reuters news service. They’ll discuss how Reuters has managed to ride the wave of change – from the telegraph to radio to the Internet, and they’ll answer your questions live.

Will they be providing an introductory seminar on Photoshop Clone Tool techniques?

Maybe it’s just me, but if I were the CEO of Reuters, I’m not sure if the phrase “Change Artists” is something I’d want associated with my company right at the moment.