Ed Driscoll

9/11, 3/11, Now 7/11

Ed Morrissey notes that Al Qaeda has decided to add yet another day of infamy to their already bloody list:

It looks like al-Qaeda or an Islamofascist offshoot has decided to add another nation to its blood enemies. Instead of attacking Western targets, terrorists set off a wave of bombings across India today, attacking civilian transportation in several cities and killing scores of people:

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Update: More at Instapundit, and Confederate Yankee spots “a fleeting moment of honesty”.

Another Update: Michelle Malkin writes:

Maybe not al Qaeda. More likely related to this, as [Allahpundit] points out. More background here.

Jihad Watch notes that “the bombings show signs of being the work of Kashmir jihadists.”

Pajamas has an extensive round-up of additional links.

More: The Mumbai Help blog serves as a clearing house for “information [on] emergencies in the Bombay area”.