Dubai Deal Dead

The Anchoress proclaims it “A hand poorly played by everyone“.

Mass hysteria, and believing that perception is invariably reality will do that.

Update: Joe Lieberman supported the deal, demonstrating that he is both a voice of common sense, and thus, not at all surprisingly, increasingly a pariah, on the left.


Another Update: Jim Geraghty, who did much in this now-deceased deal’s early days to reduce hysteria, has some thoughts:

1) Well, this takes what had been a sucking chest wound of an issue for the Bush White House and makes it go away. Recall that at one point not too long ago, Harriet Miers’ withdrawn nomination was supposed to be a sign of an unstoppable GOP crack-up.

2) If this deal had an unrevealed aspect to it, involving intelligence-sharing, I hope we figured out some other quid pro quo to help out the UAE.

3) Those who demagogued this issue and helped organize the campaign of misinformation


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